What is a rechargeable/secondary battery ?

The definition of a battery in Chemistry is an electrolytic device that directly converts the electrochemical energy of active ingredients into electrical power through electrochemical redox (oxidation-reduction) reactions.


A primary battery cannot be recharged and is discarded once it has produced all its electrical energy. On the other hand, a secondary battery is capable of repeated use. Its charge may be fully restored by passing an electric current through the cell in the opposite direction to that of discharge, thus reversing the redox reactions.


Common types of commercial secondary batteries are as follows: 

1. Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery 

2. Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery 

3. Lithium Ion battery 

4. Lithium Polymer battery

What are the characteristics of Lithium Polymer batteries ?

Comparisons of common types of commercial secondary batteries are as follows:

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I would like to know what kind of safety tests you have performed on your Lithium Polymer batteries ?

The safety tests we have performed on our Lithium Polymer cells are as follows: 


1. Selection of positive electrode:

Stability under heat, micron size, surface area and its characteristics 


2. Selection of negative electrode: 

Stability under heat, micron size, surface area and its characteristics 


3. Separator making: 

Evenness, thickness, mechanical strength 


4. Electrode making::

No sharp edge, lumps, particles 


5. Stacking, hot rolling:

Symmetry, uniformity, thickness control, position control 


6. Electrolyte:

Characteristics and proportion of solvent substances, impurities , additives 


7. Welding and stacking of cell tab:

Ength, impedance, position, stacking method 


8. Sealing:

Sealing materials 


9. Packaging:

Packaging materials, packaging materials of the cell tab

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